Teriyaki Chicken Steak (10pcs)

1.0 kg

Hailing from Japan, teriyaki chicken needs no introduction. Virtually known to all Japanese food lovers, this item is can be eaten in a variety of ways. 

TAY's has developed their very own teriyaki chicken as well. Using only chicken thigh, this item is not only boneless, it is also skinless. Each piece is portioned to 100g and comes with teriyaki sauce. 

Cooking Instructions:
1) Microwave - From thaw, microwave under high for 30sec-1 min. From frozen, under high 4-5 mins 

2) Steam - Steam from thaw for 3-5 mins or until hot

3) Oven - Put onto tray desired amount and place into preheated oven at 180 degrees for 5-6 mins. (from frozen)