Fresh Poultry (S-Pure)

S-Pure Super Hygienic Chicken emphasizes on food safety and aim to provide a healthier choice for the consumer.  A unique process designed by S-Pure that controls from feed, raising process as well as logistic, to ensure the product is at the best quality to customers.

These chickens are raised cage free inside a smart farm to protect chicken from harmful disease and fed with vegetarian grain-feed which also contains Probiotics and Prebiotic to improve chickens’ digestive system. All the chicken are raised  with no growth hormones, growth promoters and without Antibiotics from day 1. S Pure is also the 1st in the world to be certified by NSF. S-Pure Hygienic Chicken are also GMP, HACCP, ISO and Halal certified.

S Pure Chickens are freshly air-flown weekly from Thailand and has a longer shelf life of 14 days as compared to traditional frozen thaw / fresh chicken which typically have a short shelf life of 3 days. S Pure chicken are 100% fresh (chilled) from after slaughter until it reaches you and it’s never been frozen. This is achieved by our cold chain system & management as well as our specially designed packaging which helps preserve the chicken’s freshness.

S-Pure offers variety of fresh chicken cuts and parts that are suitable for everyone. Currently we have launched eight different products in Singapore

Available Products:

  • Skinless Boneless Breast (400g)
  • Boneless Breast (400g)
  • Fillet (400g)
  • Drumstick (375g)
  • Middle Wing (280g)
  • Wing Stick (355g)
  • Chicken Thigh Bone-in (450g)
  • Boneless Leg (420g)

S-Pure Super Hygienic fresh chicken is super delicious, succulent, juicy, tender and tasty. You can get the fresh & healthy chicken from Cold Storage, Giant and selected FairPice stores.

It is definitely chicken in its purest form!

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