Skinless Chicken Whole Breast Fillet (345g)

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With more information on how to better take care of ourselves are readily made available to us, more people are becoming increasingly health conscious. 

Tay's now offers a fully cooked chicken breast that is not only healthy but extremely easy to prepare. This item is fatless, boneless and pre-portioned to suit a person's meat content for one meal. What is even more amazing about this item is the fact that you can eat it cold! Yes, no reheating is required for this! Salad lovers watch out! Just thaw overnight in the fridge and this item is good to go. Now in a smaller pack fro greater convenience for the smaller household! 

Some recipes this item is good for includes; Salads, Sandwiches, burgers

Cooking Instructions:
1) Steam - Steam until hot
2) Pan fry - Pan fry from thawed state for 1-2 mins or until hot