Japanese Pork Sausage - Arabiki (200g)

0.2 kg

Now with an improved formula, our sausages now contain NO added MSG and NO Sodium Nitrate , making it a little healthier! 

Like others, we too are sausage lovers. Given our specialty and attention to detail, we have created one of or perhaps even the best tasting range of sausages yet. Our sausages not only use one of the highest meat content in the market, we also make use of our extra lean formula providing our customers with a powerful sensory experience. Once you have tried it, you will be asking for more. 

All our sausages are certified Gluten free*  and they come in 5 variants:
- Original, Ham, Chipolata, Cheese, Arabiki

Cooking Instructions:
These are fully cooked sausages, just defrost the number of pieces you like to consume, throw them over a BBQ , pan fry them (no oil required) , or heat them in a toaster .