Japanese Chicken Sausage - Cheese (150g)

0.15 kg


Dear Customers, please take note that from 1st April 2020, there will be a change in pack size and we will be replacing the existing pack size as soon as the existing stocks has depleted. 

Thank you for your continuous support!! 

Sausages has always been one of the worlds most convenient and versatile food ever since its invention. They can be literally prepared, cooked, eaten and enjoyed in practically any way thinkable. 

Like others, we too are sausage lovers. Given our specialty and attention to detail, we have created one of or perhaps even the best tasting range of sausages yet. Much like their big brother the Japanese Pork Sausage, this cocktail size sausages are made with our own special recipe giving you an unforgettable experience. 

Our chicken sausages comes in 3 flavors;
-Original, Black pepper , Cheese

Cooking Instructions:
These are fully cooked sausages, just defrost the number of pieces you like to consume, throw them over a BBQ , pan fry them (no oil required) , or heat them in a toaster .