Honey Marinated Char Siew (Raw) 1kg

1.0 kg
$18.50 $26.00

Miss that sweet and juicy slab of char siew from Hong Kong ? Fret not! Introducing our locally marinated Honey Char Siew ! 

Marinated with our 20 year old secret recipe and combined with a special cut only known to butchers, we are proud to introduce our own Honey Char Siew! Unlike the dry and touch competition out there our char siew is flavorful yet juicy. 

Our Char Siew is fully marinated and ready to cook, so either throw them over the grill/BBQ pit or into the oven, this delicious tasting Char Siew will be ready in a matter of minutes. 

Perfect for meals, BBQ and much more.

Why wait ? Order now and enjoy!