Bundle Offer - Japanese Crispy Chicken- Seaweed (400g)x2pkts (Expired 26/6/2024)

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At TAY's, we take painstaking efforts to select only high quality products which enables you to enjoy excellent meals at home with minimal preparation. 

Best selling since 1990, Japanese Crispy Chicken Seaweed is a unique yet surprisingly delicious snacks that combines whole chicken thigh meat with crispy seaweed making it the perfect combination. 

Cooking Instructions:
1) Air Fry - Preheat air fryer to 180 degrees. Place and spread chicken in pan and cook for approximately 10 mins. 

2) Oven - Spread chicken on a flat tray and bake in pre-heated oven at 180 degrees fro approximately 10-15 mins. 

3) Deep Fry - Fry in pre-heated deep fryer at 170 degrees for approximately 5 mins until golden brown. 

* For best effect, do not defrost before cooking, cook from frozen.