Steamboat Value Set

$60.20 $86.00

Craving for steamboat? Enjoy your party with hassle-free steamboat set, inclusive of:

Concentrated Chicken Soup (140g) x 3pkts
Hokkaido Japanese Scallops (1kg) x 1pkt
Chestnut Pork Belly Slice (500g) x 1pkt
Chestnut Pork Collar Slice (500g) x 1pkt
Japanese  Original Chicken Sausage (150g) x 1pkt
Japanese Original Pork Sausage (200g) x 2pkt

The concentrated chicken soup not only for soup but also to braise, marinate or fry. For steamboat soup, every 18g (1 table spoon) of essence, dilute with 1 liter water.  

This set is suitable for 8-10 persons.