Tatsuda Golden Chicken Nuggets

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Ever since the boom of fast food, who hasn't heard / tried a nugget. This crispy but chewy item has been a natural favourite for fast food foodies world wide. But ever wondered what a nugget that contained more than 90% meat content taste like?

Wait no further! Tatsuda or otherwise know as TAY junior has created a new way of enjoying nuggets! With the world hot on nuggets, Tatsuda created one of the worlds highest meat content nugget. Not only is it crispy on the outside, there is a solid bite to it giving all nugget lovers a run for their money. Back by popular demand! Get it while you still can! 

Cooking Instructions:
Air fryer - Cook from frozen in pre-heated airfryer for 10-15 mins 
Deep fry - Cook from frozen for 3-5 mins under 180 degrees
Oven - Cook from frozen for 6-8 mins under 180 degrees