Plant-Based Meat Katsu (125g/pkt)


Katsu is a crispy, crunchy, juicy, and succulent meat dish from Japan. It starts with a plant-based meat center, then is battered with bread crumbs. 

Our plant-based meat products are made of 5 plants, namely soy (from a non-GMO source), rice, coconut, beetroot, and seaweed. This katsu is lightly seasoned with garlic & onion for better taste.

Katsu can cook as Katsu Curry, Katsu Don, Katsu Burger, Katsu salad and many more ways to serve. 

It is recommended to serve with Tonkatsu sauce or plum sauce.

Water, breader, vegetable proteins from soy & rice, coconut oil & rice bran oil, thickening agent (methylcellulose from plant fibre, carrageenan from seaweed), modified starch, spices, salt, yeast extracts, sugar, natural colour (beetroot extract), raising agent (INS450i, INS500ii), natural flavours. 

Cooking Instruction:
Deep fried for 7 minutes or until golden crispy

Nutrition Information:
260 kcal per serving - energy source.
14 g of protein - feeling full
8 g of fat - from plants
3.5 g of saturated fat - from coconut oil
0 g of trans fat
0 g of cholesterol
420 mg of sodium - lightly season for better taste

Allergy advice: contains soy and wheat (gluten)