Plant-Based Meat Burger Patty (113g)

0.113 kg

Featuring Let's Plant Meat (LPM) ! Designed and made in Asia for Asian.  

This burger patty once cooked will have an aroma of grilled meat plus herbs and spices. The texture is firm on the outside & tender on the inside-similar to the texture you expect from a meat burger

Plant-based meats is an alternative protein that tries to imitate the taste, texture & experience of eating meat but is wholly made of plant ingredients. 

This patty  is not only seasoned, it comes pre formed and is individually packed for that extra convenience. Simply thaw it, cook it, then enjoy it. Great for customers who are new to plant based meats or simply small eaters ! Pre-formed = convenience, Individually packed = lesser waste as compared to other brands with bigger packaging. 

  • No Antibiotics 
  • No Cholesterol 
  • Vegan 
  • Ingredients from Non GMO source
  • Halal 

Click on the YouTube link below to see some quick and simple cooking recipes on how to use our products !