Chestnut Pork Belly Sliced 500g

0.5 kg
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SELECTA chestnut-fed pigs are the result of the crossing of rustic selected breeds. The result is meat with a good degree of fat infiltration, an unmistakable flavor and a much more flavorful and juicy texture.

We feed them naturally with traditional cereals as barley and wheat, together
with chestnuts, a very special and traditional ingredient in Galicia. We add them
to their diet during the last months of fattening. Therefore, our meat has a
delicious –slightly sweet– flavor, as well as healthier nutritional properties, with
higher levels of fatty acids, both mono and polyunsaturated acids (the healthy
Every chestnut given to Selecta pigs comes from Galicia. Collected at the right
season time, they are peeled, cooked and frozen so they are available the whole

Restarting the Galician tradition of feeding pigs with chestnuts in the open air, as it had
always been done in the Galician countryside. We fatten them slowly, unhurriedly, in smaller farms, where our own farmers take care of them with full respect. With a smaller density of animals per farm, they can go outdoors, thus guaranteeing natural light and free movement, which contributes to animal welfare and meat quality. 

Perfect for Shabu Shabu, Hotpot , Stir fry. Pair with a garlic & onion dipping sauce for the perfect harmony of meat and sauce

500g per pkt