Bundle Deal - Lemon Chicken (1pkt) & Shake Shake Chicken Poppers (1pkt)

0.765 kg
$10.90 $14.40

Enjoy this bundle offer at a very especial price! 
Both lemon Chicken & Shake Shake Chicken Poppers are ready-to-eat, just heat up and you can enjoy your meals within 30mins. Both items no need defrost, cook from frozen. 

Heating Instruction:
1.  Shake Shake Chicken Poppers : 10-12 mins in air fryer or oven, take out and cool down for few minutes, and shake the mixture for few mins and serve.

2. Lemon Chicken : Air fry  at 180 degree for  approximately 10 mins or bake in pre-heated oven at 180 degrees fro approximately 10-15 mins.