Tatsuda Popcorn Chicken

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Rapidly gaining in popularity, popcorn chicken is an easy to eat and fuss free snack. Unlike other brands, Tatsuda Popcorn Chicken is made with majority meat. Each bite is not only tender but crunchy as well. Great for parties and gatherings.

It can be reheated in an assortment of way that include deep fry , air fry, oven and toasting.

Cooking Instruction:

  • Oven Toast - Do not thaw, remove chicken from bag, Place in oven, heat up on high for 5-8mins
  • Deep Frying - Do not thaw, place chicken in hot cooking oil to reheat for 3-5mins at 170C
  • Air fry - Do not thaw, air fry at 180c for 3-5mins